As I have been keeping a check on Kim Petras during recent months, as she has been drip feeding us, pop bop after bop. Myself, and numerous others have been of the opinion an album load of tasty tunes would in all probability land with us soon. My imagination’s been running wild with thoughts about this ending up one of the most electronic, poptastic debut to shake up the pop genre for some time. We know Kim has it in her to give in to what we electronic-pop fans crave. Although she’s decided she’s not going to give into us just yet, at least in the way we might have been anticipating. Instead, our ghoul-friend has spooked us an early Halloween treat of a mixtape. “Turn Off The Light, Vol.1″ an original eight-track collection of cherry-glossed pop melodies and blood-thirsty beats.

Everyone knows Kim is a huge 80s pop fan. This mixtape, ladies and gentlemen could be seen as a big homage to the King of Pop and his iconic album masterpiece “Thriller.” I don’t usually care for Halloween themed tracks as a rule as more often than not, they are put together in haste or don’t come up to grade. I’m rather particular about all kinds of seasonal based songs for exactly the same reasons, for that matter. There is no denying, this mixtape is seriously good, even so, good that I’d definitely have a spooktacular party night in with this pop slayer. Get this, Kim even got Elvira (goth horror, actress Cassandra Peterson) involved on the title track.

I have to say, I’m enjoying the slightly darker pop appeal of these tracks. As I was kind of beginning to OD on the sugar-coated stuff. Unleashing her inner sexy Vampira gets my blood pumping faster because, on the whole, I have a preference for pop with a grittier edge. Petras stays true to form with her consistency, changing-up bop after bop, for frighteningly satisfying banger after banger. Standouts are “Close Your Eyes” and “Turn off the Light.”

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