Miss Kim Petras was undoubtedly the show-stopper at the MTV EMAs in Budapest. Her first performance of “Coconuts” onstage was a stroke of genius. Kim being invited to perform at this award show was a history-making moment. She became the first out-transgender artist ever to perform at the ceremony. When the event took place amid controversy. Her presence was more powerful. Hungary (which hosted the event), recently passed anti-LGBTQ legislation prohibiting transgender citizenship, gender transition, and gay adoption.

As she always does. Kim took things to the next level. Pushed the statement further, sharing the tracks “Coconuts” and “Hit It From The Back” with the world. In the beginning, “Coconuts” was a fun song. Encouraging body positivity and female empowerment. Quickly it grew into something of greater significance. I think it not too bad for a tongue-in-cheek song with cheeky lyrics. Each line of the song is dripping with saucy, playful lyricism. “Dive in and take a swim. Everybody love the twins.” – “Look at these margarita-ta’s“, for instance. I fail to see how anyone could listen to “Coconuts.” And in, doing so, not raise a smile.

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Following the summer release of the 80s inspired track “Future Starts Now.” I was not expecting anything like “Coconuts” to come next in succession. That’s for sure. The aesthetic Kim uses on the new track harks back to her bubblegum era. Yet, she acts more playful than ever. With the holiday season fast approaching. It is okay to be frivolous. (Let us just hope. Unlike Christmas 2020. We can get together with our loved ones this year. And make good use of “Coconuts” by Kim Petras).

The LGBTQ community went into melt-down over “Coconuts“. Although, having been given a tiny teaser at the EMA’s of the track “Hit It From The Back.” The sooner it, arrives the better. The EMA performance may have lasted just seconds. Yet, it was no less iconic. I have the feeling Kim’s debut album as a signed artist will similarly follow suit. With two tracks released. Another teased and gaining a good reaction. It certainly feels as though it (her album) is shaping up this way.

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