Kim Petras has gone and released not one, not two, but three new tracks and they are not even part of a bigger, body of work this time, as in part of an EP. I heard the rumours so, it hasn’t been like I wasn’t expecting new music from Kim to turn up today. More than the SOPHIE collaboration arriving (“1,2,3, dayz up“), another team up with lil aaron (“Homework“) we have also been treated to the solo effort “If U Think About Me.”

You might well be thinking to yourselves. What is behind this flush of track releases? I have an answer for you. They have been put out to bookend the series of singles in Kim’s vault. Gleefully this can only mean at some point in the future (hopefully near) the highly anticipated, debut album will start to come into fruition by way of some promotional singles. Until this happens there is plenty for us to enjoy in each of the three tracks, out today.

If you’re in need of a dose of bubblegum-pop flavour. You’ve got this in the SOPHIE featured “1,2,3, dayz up.” “Homework” with lil aaron will see you right for a blast of endearing, cuteness. By my own admission. Like Kim, I am an 80s pop era girl, through and through I am immediately drawn to the track “If U Think About Me.” Ms Petras has expanded her song crafting to widescreen dimensions on this one. It has all the feels of belonging to a Brat pack movie. I bet if Kim Petras put her mind to it, she’d be starring in a remake or sequel to one, herself. But we must hold this thought because pop princess Kim is about to turn into everyone’s new favourite pop queen by the end of 2019. How she keeps getting, better and better is blowing our minds here at EQ Music Blog HQ. We are confident this is a trend that is only set to continue.

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