No doubt, by now you will have realised I have been keeping in-step with Kim Petras as the future pop princess leads us to the release of her debut album. The much-anticipated release has now been announced as “Clarity” and will be out June 27th. Over the last seven consecutive weeks, the singer has dropped a new track, per week which will feature on the long player. Don’t think for one moment that she has spent out entirely before “Clarity” arrives. As it contains a full twelve tracks. Including “Personal Hell“, the latest reveal.

Too bad if you’re getting a bit tired of me regularly writing about her, but there is no getting away from the fact that the majority of these tracks are good pop efforts. That also she is being instrumental in experimenting with her style. Introducing maturer tones and expanding upon her creativity. Besides I really am of the opinion that the musicality of “Personal Hell” is going to be a hit with the EQ Music Blog readers who come to us for their doses of new electronic pop.

Personal Hell” see’s Kim in a lustful mood. She’s got desires and well being to straight to the point of the matter, she’s yearning to have these needs fulfilled. She sings, “Save me from my personal hell, yeah yeah. Break me, break me out of myself, yeah, yeah. Touch me only your hands make me come alive. Save me from my personal hell, yeah, yeah.”

Just when we think Kim has excelled herself by us giving us her shiniest pop banger yet, she then goes and ups the ante mining some more pop gold. Just know “Personal Hell” will fast become a fan favourite in no time at all. It is glossy pop of the highest order.

There has been a venue upgrade for European dates of the upcoming “Broken” tour.

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