Oh my goodness, the time has almost come for Bright Light Bright Light to go out on tour again. Yes, it means in the coming months the synth-pop maestro will be ping-ponging his way across venues up and down the UK, Europe and USA. Of course, there are plenty of old favourite tunes sure to get an airing on the new dates but equally, Rod Thomas, being the consummate tunesmith that he is, will also not so surprisingly have some new music up his sleeve, to share with fans old and new as well. The tour dates actually, coincides with and takes its name from the launch of a new EP “Tough Love“, the title-track of which also acts as the latest single.

Like a fine wine, the dulcet vocal tones of Bright Light Bright Light never gets old, only more soothing and appreciated. While, musically we are notably moving away from the singer/songwriter-producers hugely successful, passion project “Choreography” which kept him busy for the last two years. The new song “Tough Love” was written and produced by Rod but once again sees him team up again with long-time collaborator Jon Shave of The Invisible Men who provides additional, production & mixing on the track.

Bright Light Bright Light’s ability to craft unique, heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics has been honed over the years working with everyone from Rob Davis, known for the classics “Toca’s Miracle” and of course “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” to Ian Masterson (Danni Minogue, Kylie Minogue and the Pet Shop Boys) among many. As with every Bright Light Bright Light release, the new song is similarly layered in Rod Thomas’ personality. Emotionally intelligent and sometimes vulnerable, the power of the word lies at the core of Rod’s songwriting style. This lush pop gem is a perfect example of these amazing, songwriting skills but there are presumably more where this came from. There is no doubt in my mind we will be all ears for the new songs, as they arrive.

All “Tough Love” tour details and ticketing information can be found HERE

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