You know If I hadn’t seen the title of Bright Light Bright Light’s new single written down in front of me, I would have incorrectly speculated that it might have been written in homage to my favorite Norwegian pop band of all-time A-ha. When the actual fact of the matter, reveals it would have been a case of misheard lyrics on my part because as the press release sent over to me by the lovely Shane points out, the new song from Rod Thomas is called “Uh Huh!” And is another teaser alongside the recent release of the title track lifted off the “Tough Love” EP, coming this September.

In complement to the previous single “Tough Love,” on follow-up “Uh Huh!” Bright Light Bright Light is donning a sunnier synth-pop disposition. He makes the melody of the song very, big by inviting in a brass section to give the track an authentic 80’s pop feel. It’s a style which I consider is heavily reminiscent of the eponymous smash hit single from 1987 “Living In A Box” by the band of the same name. Indulge me in more nostalgic thoughts, let me take the premise behind the song right back to icons of modern pop, ABBA because the way I’m viewing “Uh Huh!” is, much as being Bright Light Bright Light’s own “Take A Chance On Me.”

Before I leave you to enjoy this fine specimen of a song for yourselves. I lastly, wanted to draw your attention to the press pic captured by Raphaël Neal being used in promotion of the song (which you can see placed under this posts header title above.) Quite simply I’m loving Rod’s quote about it being “Inspired by Bette Midler in “Big Business” and Fry’s Turkish Delight TV commercials.” He’s such an 80’s buff, down to the finest of details, is Rod Thomas, and I couldn’t echo this appreciation of all things 80’s, louder if I tried. Bravissimo once again, Bright Light Bright Light.

Bright Light Bright Light’s “Tough Love” tour kicks off in September details and ticketing information for the UK, USA and European dates can be found HERE.

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