mnek-smalltalk 1

A full length album might still be a little way off. In terms of the immediate future though, MNEK’sSmall Talk” mini album has just of now arrived.

We have been introduced to a few of the songs that have made the track-list already, as these are mostly made up of the past year’s subsequent single releases (“Every Little Word”, “Wrote A Song About You”, “In Your Clouds” and “The Rhythm”). In addition though, there are a couple of other newbies amongst “Small Talk’s” number which round the EP up nicely as a six track package.

One such new track being that of “More Than A Miracle” which follows on majestically in-keeping with the EP’s immaculately turned-out deep house production. More importantly to note upon with regard to “More Than A Miracle”, is the evident pop cross-over vibe which makes its way up through the feel good fusion of funk sized proportions.

As we’ve come to expect, there’s a whole lot of good to be hearing from this mini album. It’s slick, smooth and immensely soulful. Infact, everything that MNEK has been working towards since his 14 year old self first started out, without a budget and began laying down tracks in his bedroom.

Take a further bite sized introduction to the more smoother than smooth and doper than dope mini album from MNEK, as it couldn’t be any simpler to access than to press play on the “Small Talk” EP sampler below.

Take it from us, it’s slinkier than a boxful of slinkies. And that EQ’s is a whole lot of slinky!