I was hoping the mighty Dragonette were going to push the boat out with one more single from their stunning “Royal Blues” album, but it seems I’ll be in for a bit of a wait before anything like this or a complete, new single might happen. Martina Sorbara vocalist with the Canadian trio is back to making guest appearances for producers/DJ’s again. The latest effort “Tokyo Nights” being with on-the-rise DJ/Producer Digital Farm Animals and fellow Canadian Dj and all-rounder Shaun Frank.

If I’m honest, I’ve wanted to feel the love for anything Dragonette or Martina put their name and voice too when it came to some of the collaborations even with Martina’s involvement it just wasn’t hitting the bar. I feel differently about “Tokyo Nights” though, the magic is back. I think the main reason why I’m enjoying this track is that it feels more pop than it does production led. But then what else should I expect from Digitial Farm Animals, the guy with a hand in on chart-busting singles for Dua Lipa and Louis Tomlinson.

Bearing in mind what I’ve already said about the track, it isn’t striving to be cutting edge. It’s, a bop, simple, as. I’m mostly connecting with the song’s lyrics about “Falling asleep to songs that all sound the same”, which when taken out of context from the song about trip to Tokyo, flips around into a fitting statement of how I feel, regarding quite a lot of the new music releases circulating over the past few weeks (not any of those we’ve written about obviously.)

What’s not to love, about “Tokyo Nights“? It’s a twinkling dance-pop track where Shaun and Martina are each given space to wrap their mesmerising vocals around the infectious, synth pulsating melody.

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