It was an extreme pleasure of ours to present the mighty Dragonette as the headline performers at our recent EQ Music Live event in February. A show which delivered far more than our wildest pop dreams had ever dared to entertain before.

To have such a band as Dragonette, bringing to life a host of fan favourite tracks, such as “Let The Night Fall”, “I Get Around”, “Body2Body”, “Right Woman”, “Hello” and a few new favourites from their most recent album “Royal Blues”, was an absolute delight. The high-energy set had only one mission in mind, to get everybody in the room, bopping and singing along with every word. Even a slight technical hitch, with a momentary failure of power just added an extra touch of excitement to the night. Pros in Dragonette braved it out and came back even more feisty to bring on the party vibes. And we just lapped it all up. Dan from Dragonette reckoned it was because Martina “rocked out too much”.

Right after they came off stage, we got Martina and Dan of Dragonette backstage to get us caught up on all the latest happenings with them. We Dragonette what is was like coming back to London again after life in Toronto, the 10 year anniversary of ““Galore“, their new single “Darth Vadar” and why they keep it unashamedly pop. And of course, Martina and Dan obliged us with some entertaining anecdotes and answers – you have to just watch…