Previous EQ Music / This Is Electric, Tune Of The Week picking of “Outlines” by Dutch House producer/DJ Mike Mago and Canadian synth pop makers Dragonette is now suited out with a rhythmic dance orientated styled video.

Taking direct inspiration from the singles title, the clip concentrates on presenting a lone contemporary based dancer who when seen working through a routine, is given an 80’s video fx touch-up of silhouetted figures generated from the original dancers moves.

The treatment for “Outlines” is suitably effective and oh so similarly reminiscent of Thursday nights TOTP dance troupes routines.

Aside from Mike Mago’s bubbling house beats and Dragonette’s / Martina’s glowing vocal contribution, is it just me that is picking up on a underlying sensation of richly layered electronics of the type that were most recently seen to be pronouncedly and extensively used in the making of Fenech-Soler’s sophomore album “Rituals” but best felt via the track “Somebody” ?

Press play now to look over the prolifically co-ordinated visuals that unite willingly and synchronize harmoniously to the killa track.

Outlines” by Mike Mago and Dragonette is out on Beatport right now.