Dragonette’s fourth studio album “Royal Blues” has been knocking around for a year now and Martina, Dan and Joel have added to their legacy even more catchy, hook-laden, indie electronic-pop songs. When the album came out, Dragonette celebrated with a North American tour and in the promotion for the release dropped premieres for tracks “Detonate”, “Royal Blues”, “Darth Vader and “High Five”. Summer 2017 gave us an awesome video for the track “Body 2 Body” which sent out a strong social message in support of the LGBTQ community. For their third official excerpt from “Royal Blues,” the Canadian trio have gone back to where they started promoting the release, the Lowell assisted “High Five” now has an animated lyric video.

The thing about “High Five” is that out of all the tracks on “Royal Blues“, it is this one which sounds like our most loved old quirky Dragonette from back in the Galore days. It is a melodically upbeat song with uplifting feeling in the lyrics. I guess at this time of year, new music releases, in general, tend to have a horrible habit of powering down on euphoria but I’m happier to be serviced some jolly electronic pop such as “High Five” over a downbeat, brooding solid beige snoozefest.

Here’s what Dragonette have to say about it, the “Third excerpt from our Royal Blues album, “High Five” appeals to the audience and grabs the listener with its merry and joyful mood. “High Five” is ironic either with lyrics and grooves: Dragonette high-five all those who find happiness in the little things, who come up with a good hook… even it’s about very simple things: “Have you got a rewarding job? HIGH FIVE! Are you going to a party tonight and getting drunk? HIGH FIVE! Have you got a new haircut? HIGH FIVE! Even just by getting these simple things done, you’re a champion! You deserve a HIGH FIVE!”

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