I don’t mind telling you that my heads in a spin over the newly unleashed video for Dragonette’s “Body 2 Body”.

For one thing, this buzzy synth-pop masterpiece took on a life of its own when the Canadian trio performed it at one of our recent EQ Music Live shows. There was something spellbindingly magical at play which lit up our London venue with a raft of euphoria, unifying each and every one of us in a moment of blissful ecstasy.

It’s just desserts that “Body 2 Body” gets the video treatment. It’s a stormer of a track with thoughtful lyrics, which caters well to all media platforms and has the power to translate relatably and relevantly on a personal level. Under the direction of Sammy Rawal, the video features the lovely Martina who we first get to see in a state of undress. This is only because her beautiful body is being used as a canvas for CGI projections, which layer on superimpositions of the human form, so as to highlight the notion of binary gender. Artfully, this video sends out a strong social message in support of the LGBTQ community.

If I felt, I couldn’t fan worship Dragonette even more than I did (believe me I didn’t think for one minute this was at all possible), this excellently executed video has just stolen my bursting heart and run away with it, leaving me to deal with mopping up my rainbow-coloured emotions.