It’s all well and good that Dragonette have been busying themselves with collaborations for the duration since 2012 album “Bodyparts,” but of course what we have been truly pining for all the more, is to be furnished with is a good old trusty dollop of pure unadulterated Dragonette amazingness.

Huzzah Martina, Dan and Joel have come up with the goods in their time honoured unrivalled electro turned fashion of crunchy melody stabs swelled up by raised fist punching anthemic euphoria that is befitting of summer crowd pleasing festival jam.

In presenting “Let The Night Fall” we can only hope that it might be the beacon to ignite perhaps a new album on the horizon? Well at any rate we can but hope that it might not be too far off!

Anyways for now our thirst for new Dragonette has been sated and that means that as of right, this actual minute EQ all over is wearing a very smiley face indeed.