Last year, I was introduced to Nieri, a talented dance-pop musician born in Milan but now based in LA. His debut EP “Starshine,” and the singles “Beautiful Music,” “Face,” and “Body 2 Body” caught my attention in the first instance. (Catch up on my reviews here). Their impact was such that I have since eagerly anticipated his upcoming sophomore project. It all starts with the track “Where Would You Drive?,” which is out on all DSPs today.

To start off, I found myself intrigued by Nieri’s latest release. On its own, the song title “Where Would You Drive?,” poses an intriguing question. It is here where Nieri’s creativity is genuinely impressive since it is somewhat unusual that a song begins this way. It is that he is being strategic in engaging us. Firstly, he knows listening to the track is the key to helping us understand how to answer his question. In this respect, therefore, he is very astute and clever in drawing us in.

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“Have you ever gone for a drive when you’re feeling unsettled? Maybe after a fight with your partner, or when something has gone wrong, and you’re just trying to find answers by speeding down the freeway or driving up winding roads through the hills? Where would you drive when you’re looking for healing?⁠” Nieri asks.

Ultimately, the song reminds us that everyone is looking for healing, and sometimes we can find it in each other.

Where Would You Drive?” is a fascinating song that demands a reaction from its listeners. The track has a powerful impact but also provides a shimmering dance-pop escape. When listening to it, I found myself nodding along and feeling inspired. Since this is just the beginning of the new releases, a taster of what is to come. I am particularly excited about the upcoming releases and eagerly anticipate what else Nieri has in store for us.

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