Dance-pop artist Nieri returned with “Where Would You Drive?” the first taste of his sophomore project in May and is subsequently super keen to have his new music out as soon as possible. This is why he is swiftly following up with his second new track of the year, “Rated X.” A song which explores the joy of embracing our sexuality and finding fulfilment through acceptance and appreciation within a relationship.

Understandably, therefore, “Rated X” is a track with a great deal of sensuality attached to it in the lyrical narrative and the music. Furthermore, frequent musical collaborator Joakim Buddee‘s input on this track elevates the dance-pop styling beyond Nieri’s usual constructs. And where Buddee continues to refine Nieri’s sound using heavy bass and woozy electronics with a futuristic edge. His approach is such that it feels like both artists are taking experimental music to the masses.

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Delving into the erotic theme of the track Nieri shares,

“In this song, I wanted to celebrate the profound connection that emerges through physical intimacy,” he explains. “Specifically, the joy of feeling appreciated and accepted in a long-term relationship, while also embracing the exciting exploration of each other’s bodies in various ways.”

This electrifying song is far from a fantasy tale, as most sassy dance tracks are. Nieri penned “Rated X” as a meaningful form of self-expression. And as part of his mission to inspire his listeners is a refreshing change of pace in the pop world. I’m already a big fan of his work, and when I hear THIS track – my eyes and ears truly just lit up!

The song is on a vibe in a cool way. Consider, “Rated X” as a steamy window into Nieri’s clever and fascinating world. I think Nieri is going to keep gaining more and more visibility because his style of electronic dance pop is so intelligent and has a lot of lyrical soul to it.

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