Hello readers. Fresh from my holiday. I am eager to dive into the multitude of new releases that have piled up once again. As I begin exploring new music once more. I thought I’d check in with Milan-raised/LA-based emerging artist Nieri. He’s out with a follow-up single to the splendid debut track “Beautiful Music” that dropped in February. “Face” is Nieri’s sophomore single. I feel absolutely certain that all of you Mika fans will go absolutely bonkers when you hear this track. This track certainly takes on some of the quirky pop appeal associated with the platinum-selling pop star.

While on my travels through Northern Europe. There was not much in the way of electronic pop music to be heard being played on the radio (not even the latest Harry Styles offering “As It Was“). There is nothing wholly poor about the track “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer-Smith, (I got a blast of it everywhere I went). To be honest, I am feeling starved of my beloved electro-pop. Ta-dah!, Nieri has come to my rescue with his ace new track “Face“. I am totally crazy about this track, btw. It harnesses a little 80s musicality, but the beat is white-hot, and the song sounds mint fresh like an ice-cold Mojito.

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As Nieri elaborates: “Face” is an internal dialogue about wanting to look perfect. With countless “flawless” filters on social media and the increasing convenience of cosmetic procedures. The “best version of yourself” seems to suddenly be at the tip of our fingers. “Face” is a reminder to love yourself just the way you are. But also validates the desire to become the best version of yourself on the outside, as much as the inside.”

Generally speaking, I am hit or miss with lyric videos, since some of them can be boring and lack creativity or are otherwise not very engaging. This does not apply to the lyric video Nieri shares for “Face“. The clip is wholly mesmerising, and it just features Nieri doing his thing (singing), which he does splendidly. What is it about a face that you take most notice of? With me, the eyes have it. Nieri has beautiful shiny eyes. I can see something wonderful and deep in them. I really know very little about him, but instantly notice a lovely radiance and inner beauty. A reflection of a beautiful soul inside and out, I’d say.

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