You may have already seen my post about the latest Nieri release “Spoiler Alert“. But let me tell you, this track is truly unforgettable. Actually, it’s a perfect combination of space disco synths and charismatic vocals that will get you dancing in no time. The electrifying vibe it creates is simply mesmerizing, and it’s no wonder that it’s primed ready for the dancefloor. Trust me, you won’t regret giving this track a listen for a second time. As similarly, I cannot, and neither want to get the track out of my head any time soon.

Spoiler Alert! – by also now unleashing the music video, Nieri has given me an extra reason to further discuss this song. Therefore, it would be remiss of me not to.

The music video for this track is a stunning portrayal of a partner’s desire to fulfil their loved one’s materialistic dreams, from luxurious items to extravagant fantasies. The direction by Nieri is truly impressive, using a minimalistic aesthetic to create an interplay between authenticity and materialism. The choreography dance routine is the perfect way to convey the artist’s emotions and actions, making the entire video a perfect representation of transformation and self-discovery. Nieri’s vision for the video truly highlights the themes of the song, making it a compelling visual representation of the artist’s message.

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In a statement regarding the “Spoiler Alert” music video, Nieri shares…

“Over the past year, I’ve challenged myself with directing music videos, and giving visual life to my songs: from putting together the storyboard, and the looks, working on choreography, to editing and colouring.⁠

Some would think that it’s a waste of energy and resources, but I think it just elevates the overall experience, and also – it makes my artist self happy.”

Nieri’s already made a major splash with his breakout EP, earning heaps of well-deserved praise from listeners and tastemakers alike. His sound is nothing short of dynamic, and his lyrics are raw and honest, making him a standout pop act that’s sure to make waves in the coming years. Keep your eyes peeled for what this rising star has in store.

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