You might remember Nieri. A Milan-raised/LA-based dance-pop artist I picked up on recently. (When covering the tracks “Beautiful Music” and “Face“). What I have as yet failed to mention. The up-and-coming singer-songwriter’s debut body of work “Starshine” came out just two weeks ago. The release includes a new track to focus on. The latest single “Body 2 Body“. Where Nieri explains it thus, Body 2 Body” talks about the need to connect with people as a primal instinct. Although, not necessarily sexually, but physical sensation as a form of closeness and community”.

While many people view clubs as places to let loose and leave their inhibitions at the door. In addition, Nieri also brings substance to the dance floor through the deeper feelings and connections in the lyricism of his new song. Its 90s-influenced vibe is palpable throughout this Nieri, Ingrid Witt, and Joakim Buddee co-penned effort.

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Nieri’s noticeably endorphin-raising tracks are each steamily seductive and hot. The result of a combination of Nieri’s dreamy vocal and soothing dance beat aesthetic. His music is catchy but cool, sexy but smart, edgy but evocative.

However, Nieri is on a mission to raise listeners’ temperatures higher still with his self-directed video clip for the song.

Said Nieri, “the video for “Body 2 Body”  is a psychedelic journey through the party in my head. For it, I created shiny, out-of-this-world visuals inspired by dance videos of the 90s and early 2000s”

How daring of Nieri to allow us a glimpse at the shenanigans and fantasy that occupy his head. In the enthralling, multisensory video, he brings the energy that keeps the party going until the morning after.

The EP “Starshine” is out now – Check it out HERE

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