It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve heard new music from GRIFF, the BRIT Rising Star, 2021 winner. The last time we were treated to her voice was just before the pandemic hit, when she teamed up with Sigrid for their hit song “Head On Fire.” Despite the lack of new material, GRIFF has managed to stay in the public eye through supporting tours with Dua Lipa and Coldplay. However, she did manage to find some downtime between shows to work on new music. In fact, she spent some time at Imogen Heap’s house, where she focused on writing new material. The first track to emerge from this creative session is “Vertigo.” A song that she tested out with audiences during her time on the road with Coldplay.

A lot of fans were enthusiastically anticipating this release. Therefore, last night was a huge night for the singer as her latest track premiered on Radio One’s “Future Sounds” as the Hottest Record In the World with Jack Saunders. During an interview, the singer revealed that the inspiration for the song’s lyrics came from a massive spiral staircase at Imogen’s house. She explained that the context of vertigo, in this instance, has been used more on an emotional level. “Where one feels like the world is spinning really fast and everything feels a bit upside down“. It’s evident that the singer’s creative process is deeply personal and meaningful, and fans are similarly sure to connect with the emotion and honesty of this latest release.

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The way the melody of “Vertigo” oscillates between percussion and electronic elements replicates a dizzying experience. However, with the help of collaborator and producer Sam Tsang, Griff has managed to create perfect, euphoric pop music. The comeback track is hard-hitting in ways that are not immediately obvious, showcasing the masterstroke skills she has learned. When you listen to “Vertigo,” you can’t help but feel the overwhelming sense of an artist hitting their stride. The song sounds huge, in its own unique way. Its use of soft electronic melody is mesmerising, and undoubtedly shifts Griff up a league in the pop world.

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