You have probably noticed I have been talking about GRIFF quite a bit lately on the blog. I was nudged into action by the collaboration with Zedd on “Inside Out” but, it was, her recent live performance from The Tate Tanks which turned me into an instant stan. Because I am now keen as mustard to get as much of her music fed into my ears. I tuned in for the premiere of the singer’s new track “Black Hole” which was first broadcast on Radio One as Hottest Record In The World with Annie Mac. This was the best decision I’ve made of the week by far. As it turns out, “Black Hole” is a high voltage, pop bop. I am totally enamoured by it.

We were told there would be a fifteen-minute wait before grabbing a chat with GRIFF on air. I could have continued listening to the scheduled programming. Instead, I found myself winding-back the live stream more than once after the track had aired. I got into it that quick and I instantly knew “Black Hole” wouldn’t be leaving my head anytime soon.

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I have a penchant for happy, sad bops, anyway. This one is very gorgeous, because of GRIFF’s spellbinding vocals. So pretty and yet so powerful. GRIFF recently placed fifth on the BBC Sound Of 2021 poll, and as such, I had expected to hear something new from her soonish rather than later. She has delivered something nothing short of a killer torch song. A classy and smart track replete with melodic touches of simplicity. Stellar production and soul-stirring lyrics. In truth, I feel GRIFF has upped her game. She writes, sings and producers, she even makes her own clothes, is there anything she cannot do? The burning question of the week has to be, could there be a more inspiring pop newcomer on the planet than GRIFF?

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