You really should have the track “Inside Out” by Zedd ft Griff on your radar. And also Griff on your radar if you’re haven’t already. I was a little slow on the up-take about her. But it is OK because I’ve since seen the error of my ways and really started to give the incredible teen singer-songwriter, multi-talent the attention she deserves. Upon first hearing this collaboration with Zedd, I became convinced, she has the kind of pop voice which feels ripe of climbing the official UK music charts. The International charts, as well.

There was no question after this collaboration landed that tastemaker nominations would ensue. A longlist nod from the BBC Sound of Poll, she has garnered MTV Push recognition also. However nice these accolades are. It was Griff’s recent live stream event from the Tate Tanks where it became astoundingly apparent to me how super, amazing she is. And how capable she is of evolving into a pop superstar who might be in the same league as Zara Larsson.

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There is no getting away from the fact “Inside Out” is a phenomenal track. Just to heap a touch more heat on the release and on Griff, prior to tastemaker poll results being announced. The Rianne White directed music video encapsulates the yin and yang of two forces colliding. The task they’ve been set is to figure out how to help one another through life’s puzzles.

I’ve spoken a lot about Griff, but needless to say Zedd remains consummate and aces the production, like the boss he is. If the pop music charts were not littered with the usual Christmas songs, “Inside Out” would be charting. There is still time for this track to reach its full potential should Griff claim a win at one of the tastemaker polls, of course.

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