More congratulations go to Griff. The winner of the Brits “Rising Star” award has had plenty to celebrate recently. This week her amazing track “Black Hole” broke the Official UK top 20, climbing up to 18th place. Happening in the same week she unleashed a follow-up track “One Foot In Front of the Other.” That’s two excuses she’s had to nip to the pub for a much deserved celebratory pint of shandy. I have noticed, and I do love to see. When she gives herself a little reward, she chooses something simple. After winning the BRIT she treated herself to a portion of chips which she shared with Taylor Swift. It’s almost six months since “Black Hole” came out. And truth be told. Lately, I’ve been craving something new from her.

Griff has a mixtape out on June 11th called “One Foot In Front of the Other” to put more of a focus on it, it makes sense to release the title track. It’s kind of an anthem about feeling out of control, navigating life’s challenges and ultimately believing in yourself. It’s rather like a little self-help memo. She wrote and produced the track while in lockdown. Which has been a super creative period for her. I know so, as it has been hard for me to keep up with all of her projects, like the “Against the Clock” video series which, updates on YouTube.

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Given that she is a multidisciplinary creative. I am half-expecting to see Griff make a stab at self-directing her music videos in the future. For now, Stephen Isaac-Wilson takes the directorial reigns for the “One Foot In Front of the Other” clip. He captures Griff, on an imaginary roof-top sitting quietly in her thoughts. A simple, but effective concept. Non-detracting from the important message carried in the lyrics of this beautifully endearing song.

With her own, unique brand of energy, Griff has all the vitals required to become a mainstream success. She specialises in great all-out pop tunes. Which I believe is precisely what British music needs now.

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