I can tell you emerging LA-based singer-songwriter JORDY is really making strides ahead these days. Since I last wrote about him for the blog he’s enjoyed a massive breakthrough. Scored a viral hit with the track “Long Distance“, topping over a million streams on TikTok. TikTok fame earned him a spot on the US news programme, The Today Show. Also in recent weeks, he wrapped his first record deal. Way to go JORDY! He’s been harder at work, writing new songs than ever, and as always there is lots of new stuff in the works for us to look forward to. Beginning with his second collaboration with fellow TikTok star OSTON. “How to Feel Human” is a song they wrote about the realities of growing up.

On the track, both singers take an introspective look back at their formative years and what growing up has taught them about how they might follow a new path in their lives going forward. Mostly, this track is where they mourn their lost innocence. And realising they’ll never get to experience the same kind of nurturing feelings now that they are older and more worldly-wise.

“It’s a reflection of growing up, changing, and learning how to make this world feel like a home in moments of crisis and being a twenty-something. This song is a labour of love and a product of nostalgia, good friends, and honest conversation.” Shares OSTON.

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How to Feel Human” serves as our introduction to OSTON, another singer-songwriter artist on the cusp of a breakthrough. She pens, tracks, steered with emotive depth and is becoming recognised for her genuine style of songwriting. Check out her own track “Lie About You” for another taste of authentic her lyricism. Keep an eye on her as well as JORDY. They are both two new artists who are coming into their own.

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