It’s been few months since Erik Hassle left us his “Somebody’s Party” EP and in reaching the mid-way point of this year it stands as one of this years most splendidly put together mini collections of original material.

When you might have thought that it had given out all it had to give (since it did rather hit out in fast succession with track streams and videos), to keep us on our toes whilst, mostly owing in part to Erik going out on the road with Nonono for a couple of US West Coast dates in San Francisco and L.A., a promotional video for the SOHN produced and retro Prince gravitated jam “Pathetic” is now released.

Lights, camera, action – let’s just watch Erik do what he does best SING! set amongst a backdrop sequenced of varying lighting fx and which all play back quite in-keeping with the alluring nature of the “Somebody’s Party” stand-out track.

Re-discover. Play. Repeat. As previously mentioned this is somewhat superb.