The latest release from Nieri is his third single for the year. He has chosen to share his take on the classic hit “Nightclubbing” by Grace Jones. (Originally written by David Bowie and Iggy Pop. And first recorded by Iggy). Although not officially released as a single, this track served as Grace’s 1981 album’s title track. Taking on a song by a unique innovative artist like Grace Jones or Iggy Pop, can be quite a challenge. But, let’s take a closer look at how Nieri has approached this task. Furthermore check out what he has brought to the table with his interpretation of “Nightclubbing.”

He joins forces with Joakim Buddee, a frequent collaborator who assisted in creating the latest hits “Where Would You Drive?” and “Rated X.” Working together, these artists take the sparse staccato percussion style of the Grace Jones version and infused it with the latest electronic dance sounds. This treatment results in a seamless blend between the old and the new. Making their version stand out from the rest.

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“With this cover, my aim was to pay homage to one of my idols (Grace Jones) and, at the same time, recreate the vibe, sounds and excitement I experienced in Milan’s queer clubs.” Nieri explains.

Noticeably Nieri’s vocals on this new interpretation of the track do have a certain resemblance to that of Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys distinctive vocals. Especially so, this is evident in the sing-speak sections of the track that sit above the bubbling bassline.

Nightclubbing” is a track that has featured in movie soundtracks, such as Trainspotting. And similarly, covered by various music artists a like. Although most prominent, cover versions from The Human League and the Siouxsie and the Banshees side-project The Creatures are most recognised. However, while these covers have a tendency to stay dark and gritty. In his version, Nieri adds more of a dancefloor flavour to the mix without dumbing the tracks, organic, original infectious groove.

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