Nothing makes me sit up to take more than an alert about a new Swedish emerging artist. Just as recently as June, the singer-songwriter, Gabi Goldman struck out impressively with her magnetic debut track “Body Heat.” Now she is back on my radar super quick with her latest release, “Few Good Friends.” In “Body Heat,” Gabi talked about the significance of self-love, but now she has a new song out, I am immensely, curious to know what is on her mind this time.

Few Good Friends,” is another incredible release from the talented Swedish artist. Her silky smooth vocals and honest lyrics are on full display in the song, co-written by Annika Wells and Jack Newsome. In the track, it is clear that Gabi is celebrating her closest friends. While the song, also acts as a great reminder to appreciate the people in our lives, our rides or dies, who support us no matter what.

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In Gabi’s own words, “It truly stems from the need of having people that love you for you. When you’re at a shitty party, and all you want is to drive off with your besties. ‘…a few good friends’. When you’re lost, all you need is a few good friends, easy as that.

Gabi’s music notably has a soulful quality, and the lyrics are almost like modern-styled poetry. From listening to both tracks released, her approach is so forward-thinking, similarly, this works immensely well with her cool image. “Few Good Friends,” is another superb example of how amazing her pop music is. Her energy and talent are simply undeniable, and I think she has the potential to become a mainstream success. This style of music is precisely what contemporary pop music needs right now, it’s fun, catchy, and uplifting. On the whole, I think both introductory tracks solidify what makes her a thrilling prospect to keep watch over.

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