It is my opinion, more people should be talking about Jack Newsome because viewing and streaming statistics suggest they are definitely watching the music videos and listening to the songs. And I mean impressively so. Jack already had a handful of tracks out before I was introduced to his music earlier this year. Since being introduced to both “The Year The World Stood Still” and “Arms” I’ve come to recognise that he should absolutely be packing out live venues. While for the meantime, the pandemic put the dampeners on that. I do hope there are plans afoot to see this happen in the future. Also in that eventuality, a few more songs to his bow wouldn’t go a miss. The arrival of “Friends,” the third track of the year, is jam hot contemporary pop of the kind that will get an auditorium of fans extremely excitable.

Basically, it’s a song about crushing on a friend and taking that crush much, much further. “we went from texting now we’re sexting every night. Too many lessons learned to ever call you mine.” Jack playfully informs us.

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Ah, I had wondered why Spotify flagged this one as explicit content but is it really such a hot potato? I believe it is not, I have heard a lot worse. There isn’t even a swear word in here. Yet we live in the times where anything which makes even a passing reference to what happens in the bedroom seems to get instantly pulled up by the censorship police these days. “Friends” is more good songwriting and vocal performance from Jack Newsome which is again kind of a different look at pop than he has given us before. A pop song which in comparison lets out as much steam as a boiling kettle. (i.e a short sharp burst of steam.) Stats are all well and good but let’s get talking about Jack Newsome because quite honestly the tracks are stellar and need to be backed up with your words of praise for this on-the-cusp and rising music artist as well.

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