EDM production duo Midnight Kids have a dropped a new single. And much in the vein of their previous efforts, the new one “Run It” is pretty electrifying in the most positive of ways. Building on some very early promise, Kyle and Dylan continue to harness their style in sound with the use of anthemic, empowering synths. While also bringing on board, some very, interesting skilled artist choices, in the way of vocal assists. Previous collaborations saw the duo working with Matthew Koma and Jared Lee, “Run It” highlights the vocal talents of the up-and-coming, American singer-songwriter Annika Wells.

Since the guys unleashed “Those Were The Days” with Jared Lee back in May, they’ve been lured away, undertaking touring and festival date commitments. Somewhere in between, they’ve managed to touch base with a recording studio and lay down this new track “Run It.” They hook-up with Annika Wells for the release, a rising star in her own right. As a co-writer on the Jonas Brothers Christmas tune, “Like It’s Christmas,” vocalist for Illenium Said the Sky, joint effort “Sad Songs” and the producer’s, power ballad “Crawl Outta Love.”

As in these festive times, the melody of “Run It” is lit with a sense wonderment and sparkliness. Building the hopeful, yearning mood of the track. Annika puts in a stunning, vocal performance, sharing a narrative locked in sentiment, about wanting to stay young and carefree forever. If not implying that we retain some essence of our youthfulness, as we mature and grow in life. This being a reoccurring theme for the duo since it is derived from their name Midnight Kids. Beyond any doubt “Run It” is yet another exciting development for the outfit, sure to please new and old fans alike.

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