The Jack Newsome song “The Year The World Stood Still“, was written (as is suggested) about how we had to hit pause in 2020. How the world began a mammoth reset because of the global pandemic and the effects on our lives. You might now think we’ve had plenty of musical odes about this topic. That you’re beginning to become weary by it or instead are searching for some escapism in the music listening choices that you make. I would urge you. However, give “The Year The World Stood Still” by Jack Newsome a chance. My feeling is you will probably melt like drizzled butter into the track once you take notice of the lyrics.

Noted for writing solid pop songs only. Jack Newsome is clearly an accomplished storyteller. His goal with this track is the documenting of specific memories of this time. But to also go beyond this, by offering up a different perspective. Of how we might be looking back, on these events in future years.

“I remember writing this song thinking, ‘I’m in my 20’s and right now I should be having the time of my life. And, I couldn’t do any of that” says Jack. Instead, “I hope that for years to come, people will hear this song and just reflect on how far we’ve come,” he adds.

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Instead of, experiencing feelings of, sadness and melancholy, the track although, poignant, is gently comforting. This is largely, because of the reflective vibe, the lyrical narrative gives off. Jack’s voice as well is super, soft and tender. Which helps complete the total, flip around of the concept from the track is stemming from. I think, going forward. I would much rather hear tracks about the adversities 2020 placed the world under, written by having taken a guide from Jack Newsome’s, inspirational standpoint. On the surface, he seems like an ordinary lad, when his music clearly declares he’s a potent force.

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