Maybe I need to remind the readers of EQ about the band ELM. Who was brought to attention a couple of years ago, and I instantly became entranced with. They were billed as bringing in a new era of relatable queer pop and were creating some serious buzz. Then Covid 19 happened right during the moment they relocated from Ireland to London. And with it, everything ground to a halt. This was sad beyond belief because I could see myself becoming invested hugely in ELM. As I was genuinely appreciating what they were doing. More than anything, the music spoke out to me as serving beautiful realness.

Well, they’ve a new track out called “Feels Like“. I am thrilled ELM rode the wave to bring us this new chapter in music. They are slimmed down to a duo now to Dylan Walsh (vocals) and Aidan Clancy (synths). Nonetheless, on this new track, they are sounding great, where Dylan’s distinctively alluring vocals are flanked by bubbling dance beats and skittish synths. A kind of reflection of the dizzy, off-balance feelings felt by the band directly because of being in the grip of a pandemic – “everything we worked for just slipped away within weeks of arriving in this new city.”

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In a statement shared on Instagram, ELM had this to say about the new song.

Feels Like” encapsulates that fear of losing grip of something beautiful, mashed in with a heavy kick drum and sexy synths for the dancefloor. We hope you love this sad banger like we do, let this new era commence.”

In essence “Feels Like” has the presence of a disco, dance-pop song but it packs a good punch, also. I am liking that their image has been tweaked. I don’t know if it is because they are now a duo that I am registering full-on Hurts vibes every time I look at the new set of press pics. But I think Dylan and Aidan’s stylish new wardrobe is going to help make them appealing to a whole different audience. (not that they weren’t cute before you understand). They really look the part, having, undergone an image overhaul befitting of rising stars on a trajectory of greatness.

In my little world ELM are one of the most exciting new bands to emerge in a long time. I have high hopes for them. I recommend you get onto them now. I have a good feeling…

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