I realise I recently said that it is too early to get too involved with the happenings around Eurovision. I now have to go back on that promise. While I have been keeping watch over the selection processes and winning entries going into this year’s contest in Rotterdam. I have seen lots of speculation surfacing around the act who could be representing Ireland this year. (Participant/s is/are announced on Thursday 5th March.) As soon as Ireland’s creative director for Eurovision 2020 revealed that the country will be represented by an LGBT+ act, many people have become convinced that it might be, queer pop band ELM, who will be on their way to, Rotterdam. It is a plausible suggestion and a good one. All but for one big spanner thrown into the works. The band already dropped their new track “Golden” before supporting Brooke Candy on tour, last week.

The burning question is, was the track put out, to throw us off the scent? If this turns out to be the case, I not only commend ELM for their brilliant pop tracks but for being sassy, in playing along, by cheekily responding to tweets.

After debuting, with the tracks “Fear” and “Paris” Elm emerged as one of my favourite new bands last year. Whether, or not it is this queer pop band Ireland are sending to Eurovision or not, I was already a fan of them, anyway. Amid the ESC rumours. What is certain, latest offering “Golden” is a bona fide anthem. Upbeat, joyous, a celebratory song.

GOLDEN” represents much more than a colour. It has become our mantra to remind ourselves to unapologetically love each and every part of our body. In a world that constantly tries to define what way we should look and present ourselves, “GOLDEN” promotes the power and beauty of individualism.” – ELM

This is the first time, we have properly seen the band together in a music video. I am impressed. The clip has a nice, aesthetic. They not only sound good, but they also look great. I just know already, let’s call it a sixth-sense, that ELM have it in them to work a crowd into a frenzy. Speaking of which, they have already announced appearances at Live at Leeds, Body & Soul and Mighty Hoopla for the summer.

Come see ELM live in action. Tickets for headline shows are out now.

Ireland – Dublin (LoSt LaNe) April 30th, 2020
London – (The Grace) May 4th, 2020

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