I don’t say this very often these days. I really have the feeling, I have found my new favourite band in ELM. Even though I was tentative at the beginning with “Fear“. The Irish, queer pop band are showing me exquisite, heartfelt pop with authentic videos to match. The more I listen and watch, the more I’m getting hooked in by ELM’s openly honest and sincere approach. The way they are telling their truth pulls at the heartstrings. The song lyrics to their merit do a sterling job of highlighting, emotionally sought, coming of age stories. The band’s videos drive their message home harder with an extra touch of poignancy. There is no disputing the Irish four-piece are definitely serving beautiful, realness with the video for “Paris“.

The track takes inspiration from the 1990s, cult-classic documentary “Paris is Burning“. (To learn more about this, go to my previous review of the song.) It is hard not to notice “Paris” is a song steeped in personal lyrics. The video clip looks in at a younger version the band’s lead-singer Dylan learning to embrace his feelings around self-expression. In the most private space of a bedroom, there is a sense of freedom building. We see him reaching across a dressing table for and applying lipstick, paint his nails and pick through wardrobe rails of feminine clothes, to complete for his new look. Doing so with a satisfying smile beaming across his face. It is an image which warms right through my insides. By just knowing that this young soul has found contentment. These happy smiles have generated more happy smiles coming from my side of the computer screen also.

“Knowing the importance of acceptance, whether it’s in person on a silver screen or through a set of headphones. We wrote “Paris” after watching the documentary “Paris is Burning“, as an ode to the people who played a role in saving us, and as a lifeline to those who need to be reminded everything will be ok.” – ELM

I am, absolutely loving ELM’s, no filters style. This showcases, the endearing appeal of the band. What we get in return are simply, powerful videos and sensitive topics, done well. They are an exhilaration to the senses, and exactly, the band we need right now.

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