I am not going to write about electronic pop today. I wanted to introduce you to the of the emboldened music of Dublin based four piece Elm instead. Before I venture any further, I just wanted to mention fans of Clean Bandit and Years & Years should definitely read on.

Traditionally in music, the Irish tend to take their style path down a folk characterised route. To this day a sense of the heritage of their Celtic roots is strong with them. From the Cranberries to The Corrs to Kodaline. A thread of the Irish culture has always been evident in the music. This is a true statement of the debut “Fear” from Elm too. As they don’t steer far away from tradition with their chamber music meets chart pop fusion. Although lyrically the band tell a different story.

They speak of same-sex love, authenticity and extraordinary courage on “Fear“. It is a song which is the definition of acceptance of who you are and who you love. An opening gambit, full of intent from the queer pop band. The song narrative is pricked with real honesty, evoking a mixture of anxious and intoxicating feelings. But the overriding musicality which shines through the sentiment laced lyrics culminates in a joyous crescendo of a chorus. Prompting full-on euphoric dancing.

Elm brings bold flavours to the table. With a debut which is full of meaning, and sincere emotions. The captivating song crosses bridges and divides. Captures an inescapable sense of adventure. Which can be felt on duel levels, intensely personal and widely universal. I think Elm, have got a certain amount of striking uniqueness about them. As there is no shortage of savviness in their music. They are a new voice in the LGBTQ community, but all pointers from this debut are, they will be on the verge of becoming music’s next queer pop sensations before, the year is out.

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