You know, I could kick myself for having the ELM song “Fear” bobbing around in my inbox for too many days, before pulling my finger out and writing it up. I have since realised my wrongdoing. I am now obsessed with the song and have been listening to it daily. By way of making amends, I have been determined not to make the same mistake a second time.”Paris” the follow-up single was released on Friday. The brilliance of the song is speaking out to me in volumes.

One thing we need to be clear about straight away, the song wasn’t written in celebration of the French capital city. The track takes inspiration from the 1990 cult classic documentary “Paris is Burning“. (A film documenting, the Harlem drag ball / NYC underground voguing scenes.) Effectively, Dylan Walsh and his ELM bandmates have written the song about Dylan’s younger self watching this iconic documentary. As such, the band have captured the strong emotions felt by young Dylan when seeing the movie for the first time. More importantly, it speaks about, the community of like-minded people, he aspired to join. Like the House of Xtravaganza. A community where still to this day, you are encouraged to be your fabulous self.

It is hard not to notice “Paris” is a song steeped in personal lyrics. Of a youngster searching for and finding a community of kindred spirits. A sense of knowing where you belong. It is an uplifting dance-pop song urging us to embrace our uniqueness. But, also has been written in celebration of the communities shown in the “Paris is Burning” documentary. That through the film gave strength to other LGBTQ people all over the world. A message demonstrated none more so than in the song lyrics “I’m a product of my own, sensation.”

I suspect it is no coincidence this uplifting song was released on, what was founder and grandfather of the house of XtravaganzaHector Xtravaganza’s birthday. (Who passed away December 2018). Knowing this fact does add an extra layer of poignancy to the song. Facts are facts. “Paris” is an endearing slice of pop.

I know engines have been roaring for many months, in anticipation for Drag Race UK which will soon be hitting our TV screens. It would be really, terrific if “Paris” could find it’s way onto the programme in some way. As sure seems the perfect place for it to fit in, not to mention what it would do for boosting ELM’s profile. I hope somebody else who might be in a better position to do something about making this happen, hears the song and has the same genius idea.

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