In my little world, ELM is one of the most exciting new bands to emerge in a long time. Although they have been around, with different line-ups for a few years. It wasn’t until two years ago that they came into my life. I heard about them because of their signing with one of the big record labels. They released three singles with them. “Fear“, “Paris“, and “Golden“. This is where I saw a lot of potential in ELM. And I instantly became hooked on their endearing brand of pop. Nothing pleases me more than when recently. The duo kicked off their new era with a dizzying synth-pop banger, “Feels Like“. And To add to my excitement about them. On Friday. The Irish queer pop duo blessed my ears with a new single. “Only Dancer“.

These guys have definitely forged some great connections in the music industry. It looks to me like they are self-releasing the new stuff. I have also noticed, that their latest tracks have now been picked up by Spotify UK twice. In turn seeing, them ranking on the Spotify, New Music Friday playlist. This is very amazing and very unusual. All the power goes to ELM for getting its foot through a big and very influential door like this.

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The second single from them. “Only Dancer“. Is again, another shimmering slice of dance-pop euphoria. Presumably, this is their latest signature sound. (A style that differs considerably from their earlier, alt-pop leaning incarnations.)

About the track, ELM says

“This next creation defines the power of a loving touch”.

The track is a song about human connection. But, also is about the steamiest dancing style of them all. Being the kind that leads to passion in the bedroom. The lyrics as always, are beautifully eloquent. Elm’s haloes are untarnished. They are sweet, loving souls.

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