We’ve had a period of musical diversity from Kim Petras when the singer gave us “Clarity,” her first full-length album. I definitely had my eyes and ears opened wider to her artistry because of those genre-hopping tracks. In my humble opinion, it was the right time for Kim to branch out musically, for fear of becoming a tad stereotypical and safe. Nevertheless, I was pleased, that out of the extensive promotional campaign which ran alongside the release of “Clarity.” She didn’t completely lose sight of factoring in, sounds that have since launching become familiar to the Kim Petras brand. In lock-down, this honey has been creating yet more new vibes for us. “Malibu” has us fed, with synth-pop colour and 80s stylised grooves.

“‘Malibu’ is a return to colour, the feeling of being in love, and the escapism pop that I love the most. After “Clarity,” I had cried all my tears and moved on, so this is a reflection of how I’ve been feeling. I just want ‘Malibu’ to be a fizzy, refreshing drink that comes to you during this quarantine and makes you forget all your anxieties. I hope this can be a little vitamin shot that brightens your day.” explains Petras

I am loving how this track zones out from the present day. Instead of documenting coping strategies, brooding emotions, et al felt during Covid-19 times. Kim’s put a flip on the mood, while undoubtedly giving us her most epic slice of dance-pop, ever. Think, the sunniest of sunshine pop, imagine a DeBarge and Miami Sound Machine sandwich of tasty, tropical beats with Kim Petras as the cherry garnish on top. Are you salivating yet?, because I am. And I’ve already listened to the track many times over. It is still hitting my music sweet spot. “Malibu” is 80’s calibrated pop of the highest order, that is what it is. Putting a request in now, please, that Kim keep tunes coming like this. I am high on your “Malibu” dreams and I don’t want to come down from this heavenly pop ride for a long time yet.


Oh LOOK, Ms Petras got some of pop star mates, Hollywood friends and fans to help make an (At home Edition) music video. The cuteness in here.

Connect with Kim Petras
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimPetras/
Twitter: @kimpetras
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimpetras/

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