As well as excitedly anticipating the release of the new single and the beginning of her new era. Every time Kim Petras posted a teaser about the new music she also, made me quite hungry. Because of sharing pics of her posing with baguettes and croissants and other delicious French bakery items. To be honest, I was also beginning to wonder how the culinary theme she was sharing would fit in with the music. Thankfully, she quickly went from feeding our eyes to feeding our ears with the new track, “Future Starts Now“. I’m glad about this because my cravings for slices of cake and pâtisserie items were beginning to become overwhelming every time I scrolled through my social media.

However, I must admit to caving into my sugary craving by nibbling on a macaron when going in on my first listen of “Future Starts Now“. I could tell you it was just my small way of celebrating Kim’s signing with Republic Records, yes but also no. I consumed the french meringue treat just because I am weak around cake and dessert trolleys in general.

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Like my macaron, the new song from Kim Petras is just as tasty and sweet. Where she is back to serving more 80s inspired vibes. Slick and glossy synths and backed up by a danceable beat. (A style she previously dabbled in on the track “Sweet Spot“). With the track, she wants to capture the euphoria of being in the moment. Pulling inspiration from 80s-infused dance hits and the European house music that she fell in love with on her childhood family trips to Paris.

I’m all for Kim promising a shimmering dance-pop esque debut album. As in my opinion, she proved on her recent release “Malibu“, she vibes with it best. Purely, for the sake of my waistline, I’d prefer some cutting back with the snaps of pastries and cakes. Oops, I concede. Maybe, I have myself to blame a little about that. Although the chances are slim that Kim read my review on her single “Malibu,” (although let me fantasize, she did), I just noticed I wrote this about it…

“imagine a DeBarge and Miami Sound Machine sandwich of tasty, tropical beats with Kim Petras as the cherry garnish on top. Are you, salivating yet?, because I am”.

Loving the music, the 80s sound and the stylishness take it to another level Kim Petras.

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