It seems to me, Kim Petras has got songs in her repertoire which are appropriate for every occasion. She gave us a whole mixtape “Turn Of The Light” in celebration of Halloween. On Valentine’s day, she is feeling bruised and hurt as she drops off “Reminds Me” – a big break up bop. Since this day, like any other isn’t necessarily going to be all glowing, with hearts and flowers for everyone. Kim has written this song for the broken-hearted and crestfallen.

Releasing this track is Kim’s way of blotting v day out on her calendar. She isn’t shy when issuing a big f*ck you to her ex. She goes in for the kill laying her true feelings on the line. In fact, she is quite relentless in staking her claims on the sad pop banger. Citing “I can’t play those songs coz’ they remind me of you. I can’t watch this show coz it reminds me of you. I can’t even go there coz it reminds me of you. I don’t want to do that, it reminds me of you.” – “Everything and everywhere reminds me of you.” If she thought she could find an escape route out of her dark mood by unburdening her feelings into a song, she is probably wrong in imagining the pain will immediately lessen. It is big of, Kim to be sharing her vulnerabilities, and it is a baby step towards eventually moving on nonetheless.

That I chose this track over the more traditional love songs which have come flooding into my inbox this week. Should tell you all you need to know about my feelings towards Valentine’s day. Be kind and appreciative of one another all the year-round, not just on this one-day folks. Besides, I really quite prefer it when Kim is up in her icy feelings, being totally real and authentic. I think it is more genuine to talk about the pain as well of the glory when diving in on speaking about matters of the heart. What Kim offers on “Reminds Me” is the perfect antidote to Valentine’s Day madness. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being alone on this day. It’s just another day after all.

Kim will be returning to the UK and Europe to support Camila Cabello on “The Romance Tour” in May and June (Info here)

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