We’re not going to lie. We are hugely excited to see yet another Lostchild track make its way out into the open.

Acting in swift response to the recent spellbinding offering of “Town” our attention is switched onto “Blind”, another taste of the upcoming “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” EP.

We’re going to notice a slight shift in sound, this turn around with “Blind”. In that the accent firmly hovers over the pop/EDM markers. Yet Joe Copplestone’s soothing vocals prove ready to transcend upon a dancefloor and make their presence felt shaped in a 90’s R’n’B box of softened melodies and utterly delicious harmonies.

You know what it is to have an answer staring right at you in the face but due to some degree of tunnel vision or down right stubbornness you’ve become blinkered to the obvious. Well that’s another analogy of blind which serves the purpose of Lostchild’s latest in essence.

We are quick becoming aware of Lostchild’s knack for fusing together emotionally centered narratives with themes we can all in some way relate to. And in this respect together with the sterling musicality running throughout on his credible works to date, the arrival of “Blind” does not disappoint, it only builds on his earnestly meant, soft pop profusions the more.

Place a pre-order for the EP & you’ll receive the beautiful pop nugget that is “Town“, instantly.