It had to happen, didn’t it? During one of the hottest weeks of the year, there had to be a song called “Summer Love” come out. The sunseeker behind the track, who has the feels for tropical sunshine, clear blue skies, seas and love is the relative newcomer Nathan Carlos. He’s just released an EP also named “Summer Love,” a mini collection comprising of three songs, documenting the different stages of a burgeoning relationship. All befit with the sparkling beats and gleaming production of British singer/songwriter and producer Lostchild.

The shimmering anthem sizzles with summer references. The lyrics speak of seizing the moment to enjoy the company of a hot date. Like a dream scene scenario, which has spawned the best holiday romances. Hopelessly devoted among the waves and sand of the beach, as if following in the sandy footprints of Sandy and Danny, perhaps?

According to my local weather report, there is one day left of balmy temperatures yet to come. After which they will duly be swapped out by a few days of angry thunderstorms bringing an end to the heatwave. I can only hope that Nathan Carlos has a much happier encounter with his latest flame and that the feels of summer remain strong.

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