Allie X

Photo: Logan White

Most that have already come to know Torontonian indie-pop artiste Allie X, will know her as the communicator of ‘X’, being that the power of, or the factor of ‘X’ is inextricably linked to every aspect of her creative output.

First winning over the internet and blogosphere by her inescapable first served buzz track, the incandesantly scintillating “Catch”.

We have but looked on however, since this first run of buzz tracks launched the curiously enigmatic and artily eccentric individual. When a full blown stateside promotional campaign took hold and didn’t fully extend itself to an all territory release, we felt rather left out in the cold.

Our time has now come to become fully acquainted with Allie X. She’s ready to give us some of her “X” action by way of issuing to the UK own unique debut EP “Catch”, which apart from the well serviced title track and accompanying Kat Krazy remix consists of one other of the initial buzz tracks “Prime” and in addition completely new track “Never Enough”.

My support of Allie X has been well documented on EQ, as I leapt into the initial ring of excitement which began to surface two years ago. In this respect I feel I’ve already said, what needs to be said of “Catch” and “Prime”.

Never Enough” though is something which is new and reserved in special status to us. Comes fully formed in pop projection. Leading little in the more jittery stance of indie-pop that has gone before it, elsewhere. Infact, it doesn’t pertain to much of Allie X’s quirky trait at all, which strikes me as odd, as us Brits do love eccentric types. Truth be told I’m a bit phased as to why this track is playing it safe, but I won’t let the small matter take away the overall credit that the track is again a very good effort.

Suffice to say, it’s cool that Allie X is finally establishing herself in the UK and brings a bigger indent of electronic pop to our notice. We have been willing it to come back in style, after the recent dip in favour of the heavily dance orientated fodder that has converged on our airwaves at a mushrooming rate.

We can only hope where Allie X champions the cause for re-establishing pop over here perhaps others artistes might strike out and follow her lead. Thus, giving us more of what we’ve been missing out on.