It’s beginning to get a bit difficult keeping up with all of Allie X’s latest track releases, being as they are appearing with thick and fast regularity. Now that her album “Super Sunset” October 29th release date closes in. Currently, with “Little Things” we are sitting at the fourth look of the pop slayers third album. I missed out on writing about previous cosmic synth-pop gem “Science” since I was enjoying a short break away, during the last week of our record-breaking, super hot summer. But I am raring to show my appreciation of “Little Things” with a time honoured EQ Music Blog review.

The style of this latest track delves right back in line with Allie X’s early wonky pop beginnings. The lyrics dissect the human condition. Traits which help to distinguish our personalities and wellbeing. At its simplest “Little Things” is just about the monotony and says X “…madness one feels sitting on the same couch in their apartment for four years.” She adds,

“I always have the camera, my mind, on a macro zoom, so focused on meaningless details that, close up, look so wrong. I can’t go on this way for the rest of my life. In this song, I’m crying out for someone or something to give me a different perspective.”


Little Things” is another step in which the singer is searching for her truth. It is kind of hard hearing cold hard facts come winging their way into your ears but as Allie X candidly goes about sharing eccentricities of her character. She has to be applauded for always being sincere and honest with the way she shares her analytical examinations of herself with everyone who listens to her songs. As someone who has an analytical mind myself, tracks like “Little Things” bring me deep joy. I guess it stems from being able to identify with idiosyncracies (the kinks) which make-up our individual characters. I know I feel less of an outsider when I listen to Allie X’s songs. It warms me immensely that her loyal band of growing fans, feel the same and love her exactly because of this.

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