I’ve lost track of how many live streams Georgia’s put on and how many I’ve watched this year, because she’s been a real trooper, in helping to raise the spirits of live music fans. Her intimate sets have been packed with a similar power which she takes to main stage events. She either has good sound-proofing at home, or she’s gifted her neighbours the best of range earplugs, to muffle her enthusiastic performances. One track she has always included in her live sets this year, was her take-on the brilliant Kate Bush track “Running Up That Hill.” It has become such an integral part of her live setup. It would have been foolhardy not to record this version for inclusion on the newly released (The Ultimate Thrills Edition) of her Hyundai Mercury Music Prize nominated sophomore album “Seeking Thrills.”

So, Georgia has duly recorded it, and it sounds sublime. She hasn’t unpicked much of the seminal Kate Bush track, but Miss Barnes has nonetheless, made subtle changes which are purely pique-Georgia. As if it would need explaining, an increased presence of synths, the tiniest shifts in rhythmic style and patter. Although in my opinion, it is Georgia’s vocal which is most cause for a round of applause. Kate’s vocals on this track especially are so revered and iconic that when another artist puts their vocal stamp on it, it can turn out falling short. Georgia keeps her vocal inline with her stunning musical interpretation of the 1985 hit song, sleek and ultra-modern.

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You won’t see more than a few cameo appearances from Georgia in her official video for the track. This is because she is allowing her brother Sidney to take centre stage. Sid’s contemporary dance interpretation feels like another glowing nod to Kate, who similarly, stunned, the music world with her own, emotive, contemporary dance sequence. The concept – a classical performance. By the same token in Georgia’s new version, Sid likewise embodies aesthetics which echo resemblance to classical dance. As both fans of Kate. Georgia and Sid pay the ultimate tribute in their wonderful, artistic interpretation of the Kate Bush original 80s masterpiece.

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