I love it when Daddy Squad thumbs through his little black book of music contacts and embarks on a new collaboration. Since the inception of Daddy Squad. The project of Andrew Armstrong has bourne out intriguing collaborations made up of well-known names. Dita Von Teese and Mark Moore, alongside other artists, Saucy Lady and Hard Ton, from the DJ production and the LGBTQ+ scene, respectively. Following on from these successes, the latest team-up is one that I never envisaged. On the newest Daddy Squad track, “A Habit I Can’t Break,” the critically acclaimed electronic music outfit Zoot Woman features.

Although, I am not sure exactly how this stellar collaboration came about in the first instance. Andrew’s enthusiastic response when announcing the song’s release is very noticeable.

“I used to listen to Zoot Woman all the time, in our little flat in East London. Can’t believe I’m now releasing a song with them!!!” he exclaimed

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In a departure from the previous releases. Where Daddy Squad explores the Italo Disco and 90s French Touch styles. The joint effort with Zoot Woman navigates a stylistic soundscape and is noticeably in keeping with the Pet Shop BoysHotspot” album era. This might not be down to coincidence since Stuart Price produced this album, and of course, because his involvement in Zoot Woman is well documented.

Taking the above-stated track overview onboard. In this release, it is instantly noticeable how different it is from any Daddy Squad music gone out before it. That the track has far more in common with the music styles covered in Andrew Armstrong’s former project, Monarchy with Ra Black.

As much as I applaud Andrew’s branching out with Daddy Squad, it is wonderfully dreamy to hear him creating in this similarly synthy, electronic-pop vein once more. Indeed the vocals of Zoot Woman’s Johnny Blake exhibit much of the same sensibilities.

A Habit I Can’t Break” is a melodic and electrifying slice of synth-pop perfection that will make you yearn for more music from Monarchy. Whilst we will never entirely be over the break-up of his former band. We wholeheartedly enjoy the stylistic, electronic explorations and progression Daddy Squad navigates, nevertheless.

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