The weather has been pretty bleak this last weekend, where I live in Suffolk. So I’ve been looking to colour up my life a bit with some good music instead. I received a notification that Daddy Squad released a new track and music video this week, “We’re So Lovely.” And I did not have to take my search any further since I found a lot of rainbow colours in the video. Along with the inescapable Italo-disco melody of the track, I really needed these vibes.

On this Daddy Squad release, the queer-energy pours like rain. I do not feel the need to reach for an umbrella. I just want to dance in this disco downpour and get absolutely soaking wet.

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The theme of inclusion and diversity really resonates with me. This anthem is positively bursting with feelings of letting loose and celebration. Daddy Squad calls it a modern “We Are Family” for the LGBT+ community, for a Euphoria generation.

Joining Daddy Squad (Andrew Armstong) on the release is the Italian duo Hard Ton. Beloved in the queer scene, having played all over the world, and collaborated with a host of artists over the years. They really pile more glitter on the already glittery feels of this track. Is there such a thing as too much glitter? I think not.

“I came up with some initial ideas, and we had the “We’re So Lovely” refrain, and Hard Ton took it and ran with it. They totally understood the idea of it being a song of celebration. The lyrics tell people not to feel sorry, don’t bring flowers, just join us at the party. It’s not hedonistic, it’s just a celebration,” says Daddy Squad. 

Promise me you’ll peep the video. The clip features a cast of performers of different shapes, backgrounds, genders and sexualities. Every watch I give it brings out more of the freak in me. I love it!

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