This year, we bid farewell to the indie-electro duo Monarchy. Andrew Armstong and Ra Black had served us well with a plethora of brilliant electro gems. Metaphorically speaking. As soon as one door closed. Another opened. Andrew officially launched as Daddy Squad and gifted us a new earworm track, “My Magic Number.” A collaboration featuring the one and only glamonatrix Dita Von Teese. Straight from getting the new project off the ground. Daddy Squad is back with new heat. A team up with the Japanese/ American singer Saucy Lady. On a seriously funkalicious new single. “Day Break.”

Monarchy had extensively covered the universe and outer space in both music and visuals forms. Andrew Armstrong continues exploring the otherworldly realms in Daddy Squad. Hinting that his voyage of exploration with all things outer space is not over yet. He uses a musical style that recalls the golden years of early-90s French-Touch. Taking care and mindfully, referencing Modjo and, of course, Stardust. Sees “Day Break” dressed in sci-fi tronic dreaminess.

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The track led me to wonder about Saucy Lady. I have questions. Who is she?…

Daddy Squad says: “I discovered Saucy Lady on a long wander through Spotify, and checked her Instagram and immediately fell in love. The wigs! The retro looks! The attitude! So, got in touch and sent a backing. She had an idea. We expanded on it, and “Day Break” was the result. Collaborating over the internet with people discovered on Spotify is definitely the way forward! This collaboration was so easy, and she was great to work with.”

Like the earth orbits the sun. The moon orbits the earth. The track “Day Break” revolves around an insatiable groove. Sweet, soul-quenching vocals from Saucy Lady impart sensuality to the music. The video mimics visuals from Ridley Scott’sAlien” and Kubrick’s2001: Space Odyssey“. Definitely a retro wow for the senses.