I don’t know whether “SugarCrash!” has reached you yet? If it has, you might already be, long over the craze of it. The frenetic ElyOtto hyper-pop track was released last summer but still shows no signs of going away. I keep discovering mail about it, flagged up in my inbox because of how the track is amassing a huge viral steaming count. There is no doubt it owes much of the success it has garnered to being reposted and shared on TikTok. It has been a huge hit for the 17-year-old creator Elliott Platt, recording more impressive stats in the US. It hasn’t created such a storm of those proportions as yet, with UK listeners official chart-wise. There is still every chance that it will soon come into bloom as clubs open up their doors and festivals begin putting on a show again.

Besides in recent weeks “SugarCrash!” has been on the receiving end of some interesting updates. A new remix version of the hit song featuring pop sensation Kim Petras and on-the-rise artist/producer Curtis Waters has been released. In its original form, the hook-laden ditty was recorded just shy of 1 1/2 minutes in length. Tailor-made for TikTok purposes but since the release has moved to Spotify, stretching the track out for a touch longer, even doubling it in size sounds like a good proposition to get it to radio and the clubs. Hence the arrival of the new remix.

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Getting Kim Petras on board pays dividends, she has form in this genre already because of teaming up with Charli XCX. Curtis Waters well, he’s definitely making some serious waves of his own and is someone to look for. Like it or loathe it like musical marmite “SugarCrash!” is brain-meltingly addictive. Not that it hasn’t had a lot of visual attention because of TikTok already, the official music trippy video has just been unleashed. The YouTube Gen Z kids are still loving it at least. “SugarCrash!” lives on another day.

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