If there is one emerging pop artist who has recently arrived on the music landscape and near enough everybody has an opinion about, it’s Kim Petras. Although, it must be said the pretty petite bun-head is holding her own when consistently putting out very good, pop songs. And my opinion when viewing the recent live footage of from her headline gig at The Courtyard Theatre in London is she’s a talented singer-songwriter and performer. Stat.

She certainly put pop music with a fun melodic vibe under the microscope again, with the recent release “Heart to Break.” OK, it was a confessional song about being lovestruck, and how being in love not only lifts us up, it can render us fragile and vulnerable as well. The way in which Kim nudged this song into touch with a highly melodic electronic-pop style. Gave me the same feels, as from back in the day, when Cyndi Lauper was all about, singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” That’s exactly it. Kim claimed back some bright, sunny, and sparkling allure with the song. A trend which continues, as she follows up with “Can’t Do Better.”

Noticeably quite a lot of 80’s electronic-pop influence can be heard on this track, style-wise nods to Buggles best known hit “Video Killed The Radio Star“, are recognisable. Going further into the arrangement of the song, it similarly follows on in a comparably close melodic pattern to the iconic, techno-savvy, smash-hit. That’s where all comparisons end. Kim jumps right back on board with her sugared sweet vocals, responding to her love interest who is giving other ladies the eye. She declares, she’ll make sure she is the best version of herself, and can’t be compared, to anybody else. Boyfriend would do well to remember he can’t do better than the pretty as a picture, savvy future pop queen.

Kim Petras is young, fierce, and extremely talented to say the least. Her lyrical style and musical prowess are distinctly her own. The fact of the matter is the girl’s got talent and deserves the recognition.

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