It’s interesting to reflect on Kim PetrasFeed The Beast” debut album. (Especially considering I was away when it was unleashed in June). Since it is readily apparent, the body of work delivers infectious hooks and catchy melodies that instantly stick in your head. Yet the body of work as a whole felt a little lacking in the playfulness presence that Kim had shown in the lead-up to its release. As fans may recall, the debut album’s rollout was impacted by an unfortunate leak, which forced a change in plans. Regardless, “Feed The Beast” serves plenty of dance-pop goodness. Albeit if some of us couldn’t help but crave a bit more.

I was looking forward to the shelved album “Problématique” by Kim. Just hearing the name made me think of her fun and playful side. Especially so in light of her previous EP, “Slut Pop,” that became such a hit. It has seemed plausible she might continue exploring these themes and sounds. Her fans went crazy for it. It would make sense if she followed the trend. By the same token. It surely will not have escaped anyone’s notice how Kim takes pleasure in spicing things up. That she does this with such, charm and sparkle. The leaked “Problématique” oozed with this style of cheeky escapist pop, release.

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I am excited to share that Kim has officially released “Problématique“! (Even since it arrived as a surprise for her fans. Also no doubt in-lieu of volume 3 of “Turn Off The Light” Halloween mixtape that is still much craved by fans). However, this means there will be even more fun times to look forward to on her upcoming “Feed The Beast” world tour. The tour starts in Austin on September 27th for the North American leg and will make its way to the UK and Europe in February/March 2024. It’s sure to be an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to see what Kim has in store for her fans. Bearing in mind the tracks where she appears at her most funnest and playful are “Je T’Adore” and “Treat Me Like A Ho,” I think we can be confident this tour experience will be a blast.

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