It’s no secret we are big fans of Jennifer Paige. From her 1998 smash hit single “Crush”, to her work with Coury Palermo in duo Paige and Palermo up to her critically-acclaimed new album “Starflower”, we’ve always been enamoured with Jennifer’s silky, soulful voice in pop’s vast landscape of female artists.

Jennifer is currently in London doing a UK tour of festivals and Prides and we caught up with her in Battersea ahead of her EQ Music Live show on 27th July to talk about key tracks from “Starflower”, the story behind “Crush” and what’s it’s like for her living everyday with an iconic song as part of her life.

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Don’t forget – If you’re in London on Thursday, 27th July, come along to to EQ Music Live to see Jennifer Paige perform an intimate set of classics, smashes and a few fun covers.

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